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The Saturday People Postcard

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Norman Rockwell, The Saturday People story illustration for McCall’s October 1966. Standard size postcard measures 4" inches by 6" printed on heavy weight card stock.

The story, written by Rita Madocs, relates the observations and fantasies of thirteen-year-old Leslie, who lives with her widowed mother in midtown Manhattan. The stress of losing her father and ambivalence toward her mother's suitor inspire fantasies, as well as fears, which are given form in Rockwell's painting. Saturday visits by the mother's suitor are announced by the presence of his hat left on a hall table. The hat, which Leslie describes as "like some velvety underground animal, a dark-green Tyrolean mole, perhaps, a blushing feather behind one of its concealed ears," appears twice in Rockwell's painting. Eleven celebrities who occupy Leslie's imaginative fantasies are pictured with Leslie. Published as a two-page spread in McCall's, large enough for readers to identify the many celebrities who move through Rockwell's picture from left to right. The not-so-famous, including Rockwell (understating his own celebrity) and his wife Molly, walk from right to left. Moving from left to right: Actor David McCallum, New York City Mayor John Lindsay, Soprano Maria Callas, Actor Sean Connery, Pianist Van Cliburn, Drummer Ringo Starr, Prince Philip of England, New York Governor Nelson Rockefeller, Comedian Jonathan Winters, Composer/Conductor Leonard Bernstein, and Actor Tallulah Bankhead.

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