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Outward Bound Postcard

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Norman Rockwell, Outward Bound (The Stay at Homes/Looking Out to Sea) Story illustration for Ladies Home Journal, October 1927.

Standard size postcard measures 4" inches by 6" printed on heavy weight card stock.

Over a forty-nine-year period beginning in 1924, Norman Rockwell contributed thirty seven illustrations to Ladies' Home Journal. Some accompanied fictional stories, and others such as this, told their own story published with the title only. The motif of children and the elderly was common throughout Rockwell's career. In the summer of 1912, Rockwell spent three months studying painting with Charles Hawthorne in Provinctown, Massachusettes. Hawthorne had studied plein air painting (painting out-of-doors) with William Merritt Chase. In Rockwell's painterly treatment of the roofs, waves, trees, grass and man's trousers, we see the influence of Chase's impressionistic style.

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