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Norman Rockwell: Behind the Camera

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The young couple on prom night, the girl at the mirror, the returning war hero - these iconic Norman Rockwell paintings have become part of the fabric of American popular culture. What most people do not realize, however, is that virtually everything and everyone that Rockwell painted from the 1930's onward was first elaborately staged for the camera.

Norman Rockwell: Behind the Camera is the first book to explore, in depth, the archive of more than 18,000 black-and-white photographs housed at the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. Rarely seen in public, these images provide remarkable insight into the imagination and working process on one of the twentieth century's most renowned artists. Rockwell's most famous works, such as Shuffleton's Barbershop, Going and Coming, and The Marriage License are presented here alongside the startlingly well realized study photographs from which he painted. Also includes Rockwell's rarely reproduced photograph Closing a Summer Cottage produced for Eastman Kodak. The juxtaposition reveals an eye for composition and detail that was equally at home in two mediums.

This groundbreaking book is the result of original research by author and historian Ron Schick, whose insightful narrative is enriched with comments from surviving Rockwell models, associates, and family members. Norman Rockwell: Behind the Camera forever alters our understanding of the working methods of America's best-known illustrator, while also unveiling a newfound treasure of Norman Rockwell images in an unexpected form.

Hardcover, 224 pages.

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