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Family Tree Postcard

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Saturday Evening Post cover October 24, 1959.

Standard size postcard measures 4" inches by 6" printed on heavy weight card stock.

In this symbolic family tree, Norman Rockwell tried to suggest something of the complexity of the American heritage, including Yankees and Confederates, yeomen and buccaneers, preachers (note Rockwell as preacher) and pioneers, fair-skinned and dark. This is American heritage as most Americans choose to picture it, a genealogy that finds room for pirates as well as puritans, for aristocrats-note the coat of arms alongside the Spanish beauty - as well as commoners. It is interesting that Rockwell- a New Englander by adoption- choose to portray the birth of the New World not at Plymouth Rock but on an isolated south shore, off which a privateer has launched an attack upon a treasure galleon.

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