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Shuffleton's Barber Shop Postcard

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Shuffleton's Barbershop, 1950. Published as The Saturday Evening Post cover April 29, 1951. Standard size postcard measures 4" inches by 6" inches. "Working from photographs has many advantages. There were details, accidents of light, which I'd missed when I'd been able to make only quick sketches of a setting. For example in Rob Shuffleton's barbershop in East Arlington, Vermont: where Rob hung his combs, his rusty old clippers, the way the light fell across the magazine rack, his moth-eaten push broom leaning against the display cases of candy and ammunition, the cracked leather seat of the barber chair with the stuffing poking through along the edges over the nickel-plated frame. A photograph catches all that." From Norman Rockwell, My Adventures as Illustrator.
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