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Comic Attack Happy Pack

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If you need superhero tools to battle your blank pages, look no further than the Comic Attack Happy Pack! With 12 comic themed graphite pencils, 3 super agile ninja erasers for taking mistakes off the page, and a Mighty Pencil Sharpener to stay sharp all the time, this pack is perfect for creative super heroes.

When you've got a story to tell and need the tools to write and draw it all, you need the Comic Attack Happy Pack. With the comic themed barrels and #2 graphite pencils, you'll find inspiration for all your notes and sketches. And with the super slick ninja erasers, a few quick strokes and mistakes are gone with a "swoosh"! And of course, all creative heroes need to stay sharp and clean, so the Mighty Sharpener is all you need to complete the pack. This pack is fantastic as a simple gift or party favor too!

Includes 3 Ninja Erasers to attack your mistakes and wipe them out, 12 Comic Attack Graphite Pencils with #2 graphite for sketching and jotting, and one Mighty Sharpener to keep pencils sharp and contain the pencil shavings, with 3-hole sharpeners to fit small to large size pencils (colors may vary).

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