Ephemeral Beauty Exhibit Catalog
Ephemeral Beauty Exhibit Catalog

Item #: PARKER
Norman Rockwell Price: $7.95

From the Norman Rockwell Museum Exhibition Ephemeral Beauty: Al Parker and the American Women's Magazine 1940 - 1960

A founder of the modern glamour aethetic, Alfred Charles Parker (1906-1985), defined the progressive look and feel of published imagery at a time of sweeping change, when Americans sought symbols of hope and redemption on the pages of our nation's periodicals. His innovative modernist artworks created for mass-appeal women's magazines like Ladies' Home Journal, Good Housekeeping, McCall's, and Cosmopolitan, captivated upwardly mobile mid-twentieth century readers, reflecting and profoundly influencing the values and aspirations of American women and their families during the post-war era.

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